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Most Asked Questions During a Sweden Visa Interview (Sample Answer)

 Please read the questions below carefully and prepare accordingly. These are the most frequently asked questions by the embassy & university but can vary from case to case. If you have any questions not stated below, kindly feel free to ask us. Moreover, students are requested to search as much as possible to pass the interviews. The embassy & university do have the right to change the phrase of the question stated below. The questions stated below have been divided into different segments for your convenience. Examples are also provided for your understanding, where applicable. 

General Tips

  1. I do not memories your interview.
  2. Always paraphrase your answer if you have been asked a question a second time.
  3. Always provide references for your answers, for example, website name, organization name & any publication or research.
  4. Speak loudly but slowly as the interviewer types it.
  5. Be natural as maximum as you can.
  6. Take some time to understand the question & ask the interviewee to repeat it if you haven’t.
  7. Do not try to copy the accent. It has nothing to do with the interview.
  8. Read your offer letter & CAS letter carefully. The interviewer can ask anything from them.
  9.  Don’t be generic, as the interviewer has interviewed hundreds of applicants, so you cannot impress them using memorized answers and phrases.

There will be seven types of questions that the visa interviewer will ask you. 

General Questions

  1. How did you come to know about the university?
    Here you can tell the interviewer the source of your information. You can tell him that I searched online, attended an education expo, and visited an education consultant. I emailed the university, and they gave me the contact of their local representative in Pakistan.
  2. Did you apply through an Agent? If Yes, how much do you pay them?
     You don’t need to panic about this question. Just tell the interviewer, Yes, I have hired an education consultant, and I pay him XXXX PKR. They can also ask you the name of your agent or company.


  1. What is your name?
    You are supposed to tell your complete name as per your passport and Govt Issued ID. For example, “My Name is Ali, and I live in Islamabad.”
  2. What is the date of birth?
    Do not extend your answer irrelevantly. State your DOB” My date of birth is———-.”
  3.  Tell me about yourself?
     Tell the interviewer about your hobbies, job, or other professional qualifications. For Example, My Name is Malik Farhan. I have recently completed my bachelor’s qualification, equivalent to Sweden’s Bachelor’s degree.
  4. How about your family?    Tell the interviewer about your family, siblings, and parents. You can also tell them about
    their professions and qualifications. For example, I have two siblings, one brother, and one sister, and I’m the youngest. My eldest brother is a banker. He is currently doing a job in Meezan Bank. My sister is married and a housewife and not doing any job.
  5. What is your academic background? How will this course assist you in your plans? Levels?
    Tell the interviewer your last qualification, the field of study, & profession. It would be best if you told the interviewer about a course you will study and how it will assist you in gaining your plans. For example, I completed my last qualification of A levels equivalent to level 3 in business. I will study for a Bachelor of International business with extended placement. As I plan to join an import & export company after completing this degree, this degree will help me study how International business works and operates as this degree is equivalent to cycle 1 of Sweden’s higher education framework.
  6.  What are your plans?
     In this question, you are supposed to tell your plans with the timeline.
    For example, right after my Master’s degree, I have firm plans to return to Pakistan as Pakistan’s construction sector is booming. Our PM has announced 1 million new houses for middle-class families, and CPEC has many job opportunities as china has invested billion dollars in CPEC. I have shortlisted Descon, NLC, and Bahria town as my future companies. They prefer foreign graduates and my starting salary will be 500 to 700 Pounds. After 5 to 7 years of experience, I plan to start my own company and take govt contracts.
  7. Is there any Gap In your studies?
     I have been working since I completed my university degree, which is about two years. I have been gaining experience in my job. I have been doing courses related to computer operation and applications after my degree, so, technically, I have no gap, and I never left my studies.


  1. Who is going to finance you?
     You will tell the interviewer about your financial sponsor, whether your father or mother or you can be a self-sponsor. Remember that no third person like an uncle, friend, or aunt can be your sponsor. You can also add the sponsor’s business and source of income in this portion if you want. For example, my father is my financial sponsor. He is a businessman by profession, he is doing real estate business, and his monthly earning is around 6 to 7 lacs PKR, equivalent to 50,000 SEK Approximately. Please note that the interviewer can ask about your yearly income as well as the location of your business. Like, how many employees your father has, the number of branches & annual turnover. They will not demand documents from you, so be relaxed and picture as much as possible. ( Create your answer, consult the counselor if there is any confusion )
  2. How many dependents does your sponsor have?
     The interviewer needs to check that either your sponsor can sponsor the rest of your siblings or not. In this answer, you are supposed to lessen the burden on your sponsor. For example, my sponsor does not have any other dependents as all my siblings are married, or they are doing a job, or they are younger than me, and their expense is very nominal. You can also tell the interviewer that my mother also does a job so she can sponsor or feed up the rest of the siblings.
  3. Do your sponsors have the capacity?
     Remember that the embassy will not ask for proof of your sponsor’s business, and they will accept it as you sketch the picture. It would help if you portrayed your sponsor as he or he is well established in Pakistan, has enough savings and income, and can easily afford my studies and total stay in Sweden.
  4. From where do you get those funds that are available in your account?
    Your sponsor has transferred the required amount to the bank account, do memories your bank name, account, and branch. Never tell the interviewer that you have received these funds in cash form. Tell them they have transferred via bank.
  5.  Transfer or deposit?
    My sponsor has transferred funds through the bank into my account. I never used the word CASH.
  6. Who did?
    My sponsor did. Either your father or mother.
  7. Where is your bank?
    Tell your bank’s name, branch, and nature of the account. 
  8. Why is it not in your account?
    Please note that you can use your father’s & mother’s bank statements but with a Birth Certificate. They can ask you why you are not using your bank statement. You need to answer correctly. For example, my father does not want me to indulge in this stuff and needs that I should focus on my studies, and they will manage the rest of it as per requirement.
  9. What is your course fee? Annual living expenses?
    You should be aware of your annual fees and living expenses in Sweden. Living expenses in Sweden are SEK 8,514 Per month for the principal applicant, SEK 3500 For the spouse, and SEK 2100 for each child accompanying. You need to multiply the said amount with the duration of your course.
  10. Have you searched regarding your accommodation? Accommodation expenses per month? Traveling cost?
    Please answer completely, do not leave any stone unturned. Don’t give the interviewer a second chance to ask another question. For example, I have selected Orchard heights for my accommodation. They have space available for housing and are just about 8 minute’s walk away from the university. I will be able to get this in about 4500 SEP per month. In this accommodation, I will get high-speed Wifi, free gyms, free contents insurance, a variety of communal spaces, and tv in all studios and standard rooms.
  11. How are you going to pay your sponsor?
    The culture of Pakistan is quite different from we Pakistani. Even Asian don’t pay back our parents in monetary terms; instead, we care for them as much as possible.

Course Details

  1. Are you taking any pathway? If yes, kindly elaborate on why did you take this?
    Suppose you are taking foundation or international year 1. You should have an idea of your pathway and progression degree. It is always written on your NOR (Notification of result). For example, I have applied for Bachelor in Computer Science.
  2. Why did you choose this course?
    You should be very clear about your course selection; it is an essential question & should be appropriately answered. For example, I have gotten little to no promotions since I started my job. In contrast, my colleagues capable of leading projects, especially those with a degree in project management, have gotten frequent raises and promotions. I am naturally motivated to show, but I am not getting chances and opportunities to do so while the ones with project management experience and degrees, especially from Sweden, are. So I decided to pursue this course to enhance my skill set and become apt in managing projects about my primary degree.
    Example 2
    Organic chemistry is essential because it studies life and all of the chemical reactions related to energy. Several careers apply an understanding of organic chemistry, such as doctors, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacologists, chemical engineers, and chemists. Organic chemistry plays a part in developing typical household chemicals, foods, plastics, drugs, and fuels. Most of the chemicals part of daily life
  3. Course ranking?
    There are two types of ranking, university overall ranking & course ranking. You have to tell the interviewer both. Students can check course ranking at the Times Higher Education university guide, QS ranking. For example, I have searched a lot on different platforms, and according to QS ranking, Uppsala ranks in the top 100 universities worldwide. Uppsala University is an international research university focused on developing science and education. The interview can ask you about the application you submitted on the portal, all four choices, and why you selected these choices. Check your portal before the interview.
  4. What are the outcomes of this degree?      This is written on the university’s website and your course link. Always study your degree link & website. For example, after this degree, I’ll be able to Evidence a critical understanding of the theories, concepts, values, principles, and rules of international law within an institutional, social and global context. Moreover, I could draw reasoned and critical conclusions by applying legal principles and knowledge to complex real-life or hypothetical legal, political, and commercial problems.
  5. How would a degree from Sweden be beneficial for you?
    Depending on your search and understanding of the Swedish education system, there can be multiple answers to this question. The quality and international standing of the Swedish education system need no explanation, with Universities consistently ranked among the best in the world. The addition of one of its fine institutions would be an excellent addition to any student’s academic CV to make an informed choice about your education. Also, Swedish higher education degrees and qualifications are recognized by employers and academics worldwide. While the official language of Sweden is Swedish, a rich and beautiful language, in 2017, Swedes ranked second in the world for skills in English as a second language.
  6. What is the scope of your degree?
    In this question, you need to convince the interviewer that your chosen degree has scope in Pakistan and need to justify the hefty amount you are going to spend on your degree. For example, I have chosen MSc Cyber Security, which is truly a future degree. Almost everything is shifting entirely online and cloud-based. Likewise, cyber-attack & cyber-crime is also increasing day by day. According to the predictions by experts, the scope of the Cyber Security market will become a $170 billion industry by 2025. For the last five years, Cyber Security professionals have been making more salary than average IT professionals. And the average salary gap across the gap is 9%, to state the least.
  7. How is this relevant to your previous degree?
    For example, I have previously studied LLB, which is a generic degree and of level. Now, I’m going to look same courses at an advanced level with specialization. I have opted for LLM international business law as I have worked with many companies doing import & export business, so this course will help me to understand international regulations and industry further.
  8. How long is your course, and what qualification will you receive?
    As I’m going to study Master’s degree at Dalarna University, my course is for one year. I’ll get a cycle 2 degree on completion.

  9. Modules? Degree Structure?
     You should know about your course modules, the number of semesters, years of study, courses, total credits, and requirements to complete the degree. It is usually written on your class link and an essential question. For example, I’m going to study LLM International business law, which has three semesters in a year. In the first semester, I’ll study, Research skills, comparative commercial law, commercial law in action, and public international law. In research skills, I’ll study the kinds & types of research, data collection, and tools required to conduct research.
  10. Why did you choose to resume your studies?
    The interviewer will ask you this question if you have a gap of more than two years. It would help if you justified your decision, which is an essential question. For example, I completed my last degree ( Bcom 2 Years, Equivalent to Level 5 ) in 2013 and joined Maqsood Textile Mills as an assistant accountant. However, I have realized now that my education is quite
    outdated & not at an advanced level. There are now plenty of updates in my field, and employees with an advanced level of education are more likely to get promotions and lucrative salary packages.
  11. How is the course assessed, and how many study hours a day?
    This is an essential question but the most ignored by the students. A student should know how they will be assessed during their degree. For example, I have gone through the University site & there are four parameters on which students will be evaluated, Assignments, 20%, Projects,20%, 10% presentation, and 50% final exam. I also need to submit a report of 5000 words in my last semester. (Please see your course link)

Country Related Interview Questions

  1. Why not Pakistan?
     Why not Pakistan & why not Sweden are two different questions, you should know the difference between them. In this question, you need to answer why you are not continuing your studies in Pakistan. For example, Pakistan is an underdeveloped country & struggling with its education sector. There is no institute in Pakistan that ranks even in the top 400 Universities of the world. Furthermore, degrees in Pakistan are lengthy as compared to Sweden. A Master in Pakistan is of two years, whereas in Sweden Master’s degree is of one year & yet recognized by employers & universities around the globe.
  2. Why Sweden?
    There are numerous reasons why I have finalized Sweden for my higher education.
     I) Education in Sweden is recognized by employers and institutes worldwide.
    II) Studies in Sweden are comparatively shorter as compared to other countries.
    III) Many Universities rank in the top 100 in the world based in Sweden.
    IV) Sweden has a diverse culture and mixed community where one can easily adjust and survive.
    V) Sweden is also near my homeland. There are direct flights available as British airways is also operating here. In contrast, Canada, USA & Australia are too far from Pakistan & have no direct flight.
    VI) Sweden has the second highest proficiency in English as a second language in the world – English is spoken by 90% of the population, allowing students to have a unique European experience without language barriers.
    VII) Sweden is ranked fourth best in the world at providing higher education by the Universitas 21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems 2019.
    VIII) Sweden is one of the safest countries in the world and ranked as one of the best in which to live.
    IX) Sweden is ranked as one of the most creative countries in the world, has one of the highest levels of gender equality, and is well known for its eco-friendly culture.
    X) Sweden is ranked seventh most innovative economy in the world by the 2019 Bloomberg Innovation Index. Always research for more reasons and quote references.
  3. Does anybody among your relatives live in Sweden?
    Usually, students are not allowed to tell that they have any relative or known person in Sweden. However, this varies from case to case. Please refer to any counselor for this question.
  4. Do you have any intention of working in Sweden? Why? Why not?
     Though I’m allowed to work part-time during my studies as per Swedish Migration guidelines, I don’t think I’ll do it as I have commitments to my studies and degree & also, I have the required funds for my studies.

University Details

The most important part of the interview is that students should know about the university as much as possible. Interviewers can ask anything, from ranking to facilities, surroundings, and achievements. You will defend your university.

  1. Why this university? Have You compared it with any other University?
     You need to distinguish your university and make it stand alone among all others.
    Depending on your research and reference, there can be multiple answers to this question. Please keep in mind that you need to give references every time. For example, I searched for many Universities like Uppsala University and Linneaus, but I finalized Lund University for many reasons. First of all, Lund has my preferred supply chain management course with the exact module that I’m looking for. It has consistently ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities, placing it among the top 0.4% of universities worldwide.
  2. University ranking? (Lund University)
    I) A top 100 university in the world.
    II) Sweden’s top-ranked comprehensive university

    III) A top 100 university for graduate employability.
    IV) The #1 choice for international students studying in Sweden, offering a selection of over 100 international degree programs and exchange and Ph.D. studies. They were founded in 1666 – one of the oldest and broadest universities in northern Europe.
    V) A non-profit, public university with 40 000 students.
    VI) They attract students from approximately 150 countries, creating a truly international campus.
    VII) Global class environments where students gain cultural perspectives and develop international networks highly valued by employers
    VIII) The breadth of the university creates excellent opportunities for
    interdisciplinary research and education.
    IX) Lund University is a member of international research-intensive university networks such as LERU and U21.
    X)  Lund is home to many world-leading research environments and is the
    location for two of Europe’s largest research facilities: MAX IV and ESS
    (opening 2023).
    XI) Students in Lund are given excellent opportunities for business interaction, as the city, with its unique, world-class environment for technology, knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship, hosts an impressive breadth of global companies
  3. .Where is your university?
    Tell the interviewer the exact address and location with postcode, For Example, Box 117, 221 00 Lund, Sweden.
  4. Nearby places? How would this location facilitate you?
    It is a newly added question these days, as almost all Universities have added 360 maps on google, so you can now easily visit your campus and nearby places. For example, there is a supermarket near my campus where I can easily see all my necessities.
  5. Campus Facilities according to your program?
     Tell the interviewer regarding all facilities available on campus regarding your program, and please do not tell generic facilities like library, bookshop, etc. You need to check the university’s site like they offer Pro Bono centers, SOC Lab, Sensorium Lab & digital media lab.

Travel & Immigration Details

  1. Have you ever applied for a visa to visit another country or a visa to enter another country?
    It would help if you listed previous visits and the purpose of the holiday.
  2. Have you ever had a visa application refused ‐ If so, why was it declined?
     Having a visa previously refused may count against you, but it doesn’t automatically mean this visa application will be rejected. You must tell the interviewer about any refusals and explain the reasons for the denial. You need to demonstrate that you understand the rejection and explain why this will not happen with this visa application. Always ask your counselor about it before making any decision.

 Students should always search for their specific course and university; you can expect anything from the interviewer and never take it easy. Always be ready for the cross questions and different phrases. If you have memorized your interview, they will judge you at once. Below are some refusals for your study so you can understand the visa officer’s decision. If You have any confusion related to any question, contact your counselor immediately. We have uploaded a video on our youtube channel where you can also get information and tips for preparing your interview.

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