Are you new to Sweden and want to know about the system here?


The government is organizing a free information course in the Urdu language for those who have not been in Sweden for more than three years.

The things and rules you should know about living in Sweden, such as how the various departments here, such as immigration, tax, employment, insurance, and many other things that you come in contact with, work. 

How can children’s education and other facilities be found in Sweden? 

What rights do you have? 

What is the system of government and social values ​​like here?

And many more things you need to know. Therefore, on behalf of the Swedish government, participate in this free course in the Urdu language.

The course is online and will start from March 10 to May 10, from 13:30 to 16:30

Admission is free

The course is open to residents of the 26 communes of the Stockholm region and the Håbo commune. Residents of another commune can join by contacting their commune.

Contact this email or phone number for details.

08-508 35 443

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